Immortals Robocup SSL Team

“Immortals” is a robotic team consisting of Sharif and Tehran university students. The team was formed in 2003 to attend junior soccer league competitions. The small size project started in summer 2007 and simple-structured robots were made by summer 2008 and have continually improved since then. After participating Robocup 2009 Graz and Robocup 2010 Singapore competitions, it was decided to gear up for the next competitions with revising the whole Mechanical system and equipping the robot with a sophisticated electronic system to extract the maximum efficiency and maneuverability from the robots. Inheriting all preceding robots’ strengths while decreasing their weaknesses, a brand new generation of robots was set to participate in the Robocup 2011 competitions. Those robots were granted the 2nd place at Robocup 2011 Turkey.

See Honors and Awards page for a list of our awards.

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