Open Source

The entrance barrier of the Small-Size-League is too high for the new teams, and newcomers simply could not compete with the top-performing teams; thus blocking their further research and commitment to the big-picture vision of the league. So we believe by sharing our designs and frameworks, exactly the ones we are using in the competitions, we could give them a better head-start, opening greater possibilities for their research.

We also believe that sharing the research and experiences with top-performing teams, could benefit the league as a whole; since the RoboCup has never been just about competing, and the main focus should be on the research that will eventually make the vision possible.

So we, the Immortals team, are setting free what we have done with great love and passion, open-sourcing all of our mechanical and electronics designs, as well as our embedded and off-board software. We hope our contribution could find its way to the 2050 match, and make that dream come true.


In-depth descriptions could be found on each project page. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact any of us. Here are our team members:

  • Ali Salehi, R&D Lead,
  • Mohammad Reza Niknezhad, Electronics design,
  • Ali Ghazi MirSaeed, Mechanical design,
  • Mohammad Hossein Fazeli, Mechanical design,
  • Mohammad Tabasi, Mechanical design,
  • Ali Amouzandeh, Mechanical design,
  • Mohammad Ali Ghasemieh, Mechanical design,
  • Omid Najafi, Electronics design,
  • Alireza Asadi, Mechanical design,

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