2018 sponsors:

  • Samatec is a private company working on Robotics and Automation systems located in Tehran, Iran. The great variety of products manufactured in this company made it one of the Robotics entrepreneurship centers.

2017 sponsors:

  • Borna3D is one of the best 3D-printing companies in Iran. We are now using one of there devices for optimizing our mechanical designs and avoiding extra expenses for using CNC, wire-cut, etc. Besides, we have saved a lot of time because of its high speed in producing the parts!!!

2016 sponsors:

  • Our robots have to fit in a small and limited space so it won’t conflict the rules of our league, thus we need to use small and well designed parts and materials, which includes our batteries. Thanks to Gita Battery, we are now using LiPo batteries manufactured by this company.
  • Sapor is one of the well known companies in producing kitchenware appliances. One of its goals is improving advanced technologies in the field of robotics.